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Pokemon: World of Chaos
In a world where wild Pokemon have become uncatchable killers, one trainer attempts to solve the mystery of what happened.
Season 1
Episode 1 Remastered - Infiltration
Agent T infiltrates a Team Rocket base to steal a legendary Pokemon.
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Episode 2 Remastered - Snag the Dark Pokemon
A Dark Gardevoir invades the town where Teejay is training!
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Episode 3 - Sacrifice
Teejay and Gardevoir investigate an old lab, but thery're being stalked!
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Episode 4 - The Oceaness
Teejay & friends take a boat trip to Order Island, but some shady people have snuck aboard.
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Episode 5 - Order Island
Our heroes relax while Teejay recalls his trip with Gary to Citidark Island.
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Episode 6 - Old Wounds
Team Galactic invades Order Island and Teejay faces a powerful opponent from his past!
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Season 2
Episode 7 - Long Road to the Indigo Plateu
Teejay teams up with a gym leader to stop a legendary Pokemon from freezing the town.
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Episode 8 - Yesterday is History
To face the dark-type gym leader, Teejay must relive the worst night of his life!
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Episode 9 - The Hidden Village
Teejay tracks Gardevoir to a village of Pokemon who hate humans.
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Episode 10 - Team Plasma's Dark Secret
Teejay & Jenny20 team up to take down a mad scientist.
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Older Movies
Lego Star Wars: Shadows of the Force
A Lego Star Wars machinima based on A New Hope but with fan characters.
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Lego Star Wars: Dark Side Strikes Back
A Lego Star Wars machinima based on The Empire Strikes Back but with fan characters.
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VG Master - The Movie
The Wii King traps Shawn & Teejay in Mario Kart in an attempt to steal the Game Master controller.
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Tommy & Clavis - Ears from Space
Clavis recieves a message that his people will visit him from space, Tommy sets out to find a telescope. Disaster ensues.
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Tommy vs. Clavis
Tommy & Clavis get into a fight over who is stupider.
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Collaborative Movies
War of the Shy Guys
Lone pilot Goombarlette O' Hara attacks the Shy Guy flying fortress to rescue her brother.
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Goombario's Story
Mario's long suffering partners from Paper Mario attend a reunion banquet.
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